Frequently Asked Questions

About the book

How does the book work?

We are so proud. We’ve helped take personalised books to a new level. In our books the adventurer (your child) has a mission to recover the letters of their very own name. The story and characters they meet are all dependent on the letters of their name, making the book unique for each and every child’s name. Very exciting – try a few different names in our book preview to see how the different characters work.

Is it meant to be an educational book?

First and foremost it is meant to be a great adventure book for young children. However – as a bonus for parents and children – we’ve added some rather clever elements. Each of the characters that your child meets will set them a challenge. Completing the challenge will involve your child needing to do something nice – usually brave, honest, helpful or kind (plus a few more). We carefully picked key character traits that are really important for young children. Parents can use the character challenges (stories) to emphasise the importance of the traits and to reinforce doing the right thing and being the best you can be.

Is the author, Nicole Warriner really only 15 years old?

Absolutely! We are so proud of what Nicole has achieved. We obviously made sure that she was supported throughout the process but need to recognise and credit her phenomenal imagination and brilliant writing style. We think that Nicole is a great example of just how amazing children are and the incredible results that they can achieve. We really hope to work with Nicole again – perhaps a sequel!? Our very own star in the making.

What age are the books suitable for?

This will always depend on your own child and their story preferences. We think that the ‘adventure’ we’ve created will appeal to children up to around age 8 (though we know older children have also bought and enjoyed the book).

Because the illustrations are so large and colourful, the books hold the interest of our very young book enthusiasts. Add to this the keepsake value and we think that they make for an ideal gift right from new born all the way through to age 8.

How many letters can a first name have for your books?

Our web site can handle up to 12 characters. This could be 12 letters or as some children have two first names or hyphenated names we can process 11 characters plus either a space or hyphen. Long names are perfectly fine for the books, however for the longer names we’d recommend using a nickname or shortened version.

What about children with shorter names?

Don’t worry – we have this covered! The shortest names we accept are 3 characters long. We’ve also added a bonus section exclusively for children with 3 and 4 letter names. This way our books will be well balanced for all children. Also – there will always be a minimum of 24 full colour pages of adventure.

How big are the books?

The books are printed in landscape format and measure in at 27 CM x 21.2 CM. We found that the landscape format made it easier for reading together as well as really showing off Adam’s amazing illustrations. It’s also deliberately just a bit smaller than some of the A4 size books that can stick out a bit on the bookshelf.

In terms of the number of pages – this varies depending on the child’s name. The average book is 32 pages of story and full page illustrations.

Do you sell the book in other languages?

Not currently – but watch this space! We think our book will have a very broad appeal to children all over the world so we’ll be working hard to get it to new geographies.

Can I make changes to the explorer in the story to look more like my child?

Yes, you can! We’ve started with three different Explorer options: fair skinned with blond hair, fair skinned with brown hair, dark skinned with black hair. Unfortunately, we can’t adapt hairstyles or add additional features such as glasses at the present time.

Can I pick different characters to appear in the story?

Unfortunately not at this time. For the most popular letters we have additional characters but we can’t presently swap them around however it’s on our list! Over time we hope to add additional characters and offer customers the choice so they can pick their favourites.

What is the personalised dedication for?

This is your opportunity to add your very own message that will appear on the first page of the book. Most people use the dedication to say whom the book is ‘to’ and ‘from’. We’ve included a standard dedication to get you started but it’s fine to either edit this or completely change it. Personalised messages can be up to 400 characters and as much as 10 lines long. Handy hint – please make sure to double-check what you enter as this is what will be printed!

Can I have my book gift-wrapped?

Yes! Our books are usually gifts and often customers don’t get the chance to wrap the book themselves – so…. We’ve made it easy!

We’ve created our very own wrapping paper using characters from the books (it is a thicker quality paper). There is a small supplement for the materials and time. The gift wrap option is offered as you go through the checkout process.

There’s something wrong with my book?

Oh no! We are really sorry to hear that. Print issues are very rare (but not impossible). Please get in touch with one of Teddy’s helpers, and they’ll get the issue sorted for you as quickly as a whistle.

We can’t find the Shadow King on some of the pages?

Each two page story spread has an image of the Shadow King on it. Some pages are harder to find him to help challenge our older readers – but he is there!

Shipping and delivery

How long will it take for my book to be printed and dispatched?

Typically you will receive your books within 5 to 7 days for UK orders (this also includes busy periods like Christmas). This allows enough time for order processing, printing, binding and packaging and delivery.

Overseas orders will take a little longer. This will typically be around 12-14 days but could be as much as 21 days.

My delivery date has passed and my book hasn’t arrived?

The most likely answer is that it’s just been delayed in the postal system But, if you get to five days overdue (eg on day 12 for UK orders / Day 26 for overseas orders) then please get in touch with one of Teddy’s helpers and they’ll look to figure out what the issue is and get it fixed as quickly as possible.

How much is delivery?

Absolutely nothing – zilch – nada – nowt. We are committed to making our books available to as many children as possible so there is no shipping charge wherever you are in the world.

Can I ship to different delivery addresses?

Absolutely. We know that many customers want to send books to friends and family in different locations so we designed our website to enable a single order to be split however best works for you. This also allows you to access multi book discounts. Put simply you can personalise the order details for each book. For example, book 1 is sent to your address with fast track shipping; book 2 to another address, gift wrapped and in hardback.

What are your Christmas 2016 cut off dates for orders?

This depends on where you live. Our books are printed in the Uk and we use ‘Royal Mail’ the UK’s biggest delivery service.

Books should be delivered in time for Christmas for orders received as follows:
* UK – 1st Class – by 12 noon on Monday 19th December
* UK – 2nd Class – by 12 noon Friday 16th December
* International (US & Canada) 12 noon on Monday 12th December
* International (Australia and New Zealand) Wednesday 7th December

Where able it is always a good idea to build in some contingency.

For any other countries just message to and we’ll get back to you same day to confirm.

How are the books packaged?

We use our very own ‘character’ packaging to help distinguish your order and get the excitement and adventure started the moment your package arrives at your door.


How do I enter my promo code?

Firstly congratulations – we don’t issue too many promotional codes. As you go through to the checkout process you’ll get to a payment screen with an option to add your promo code. Just enter the detail here and the web site will make the calculation.

Please note that promo codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers including multi book discounts. If you are ordering more than one book and have a promo code its still worth entering the code as the web site will calculate the very best deal for you and apply the largest saving to your order.

My promo code isn’t working?

Promotional codes are not case sensitive but you need to be careful not to accidentally add in any characters (including any extra spaces), as this will stop the site recognising them. Also promotion codes are usually only available for a limited time. It may be that your code has expired. If you are still in doubt, get in touch with one of Teddy’s helpers to check it out for you.

How does your multi book discount work?

Every extra book you get will get you a bigger discount. Discounts are tiered as follows:
1st Book – Full price
2nd Book – 15% off
3rd Book – 20% off
4th Book – 25% off
5th Book – 30% off
6th Book – 30% off

Further books also receive 30% off.

Discounts are applied automatically in your basket, and cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional code.

Unfortunately if you have a promotion code we can’t apply both the promotional code and discount code to the same order, however our checkout is set up to be super clever and will give you the biggest saving – whether that be the promotional code or the multi book discount.

Teddy, Character Poster and referrals

How can I get the A-Z Character Poster and how much do they cost?

We plan to run a number of competitions to give the posters away as prizes – if you ‘Like’ our Facebook page you’ll get to hear about any competitions and promotions as soon as they happen.

The poster is A2 size (59.4 CM x 42 CM), printed in full colour using the latest digital print technology. It will be printed on a 170GSM quality paper with silk finish to make it look great!!

How can I get a Teddy Bear like the one in the story?

We are currently looking for a manufacturing partner to help us produce our Teddy’s. We’ve created a prototype and he looks fab.

Once we have this sorted out we’ll look for the best way to get them to customers – ideally some competitors so that we can give them away!

We have already specified that all Teddy’s must be manufactured to comply with the main European safety standards and for info they will measure 27 CM from head to toe.

How do I access the bonus content area?

The very last page of your book (just before the inside back cover) details the web address and your very own secret code.

From the main menu you can select ‘Secret Area’ or follow the link on our landing page which advertises the secret area.

Where do I get the free ‘bedtime reading guide’?

The bedtime reading guide is included with each book package issued. You can also download an extra copy here in case the original is lost or a second one is needed.