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We have already shipped to 26 countries! So whether you live around the corner or outer space (OK that one may be a challenge) we’ll ship your book to you completely free. Delivery in the UK is typically 5-7 days from placing your order (add another week for overseas orders).


Fantastic multi book discounts! Up to 30% off when you buy more than one book.
We also offer generous group discounts for purchases of more than 10 books. Just ‘contact us’ and we’ll get back to you same day.

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Free access to our ‘Secret Content‘ area where you can download FREE Character colouring pages to colour in at home (plus much more!). Each book comes with it’s own unique code to grant you access.


Still not convinced? Well here are 10 more incredible reasons why this book is a truly amazing purchase.

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Behind the book

Discover the story Behind The Magic Door and the making of the personalised book that takes your child on an adventure to rescue the letters of their name

Don't take our word for it

Mallory McGowan

This was the cutest and most unique first birthday gift. Loved it!

July 2016

John Cregg

The story is fun and engaging, and told in sharply written verse; combined with the beautiful and engaging illustrations and the personalised central theme, the overall outcome is extremely successful.

Kate Mock

This is perfect! I have nothing but amazing things to say about the book and the people who made it! I'm impressed inside and out! The packaging is so cute💕

July 2016

Ian Hargreaves

Loved the whole thing right from the packaging it arrived in, the size, the illustrations and the story. So clever the way the moral themes were worked in and made right for children. Did find the ‘where’s the Shadow King’ hiding on each page a bit hard but got them all in the end.

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