Thank you for taking an interest in our charitable giving. We are committed to donating 10% of our profits to children’s charities.

In addition we want to make it easier for like-minded parents to also support these very special charities as we think that combined we can make a much bigger impact.

Our charitable aims

  • To help disadvantaged children to enjoy the magic of great bedtime stories
  • To support charities and literacy programmes that target children with reading challenges


Because we started shipping our first books just before Christmas 2015, Christmas feels like the perfect time to think about children that may not be getting magical bedtime stories this Christmas. Sadly we know this is the case for too many children and that made finding a partner difficult. We are delighted to be partnering with the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH) to help make being in hospital over Christmas a little bit more exciting.


The RMCH has a number of specialisms (including oncology, burns and orthopaedics). Because of these specialisms the RMCH is used as a national hospital with many children traveling hundreds of miles to be treated. With nearly 400 beds and close to 200k patient visits per year we think that the RMCH is both a national treasure as well as an excellent choice of partner for gifting books to help young children.


Having a hospital like the RMCH is fantastic and gives children access to some of the very best care and treatments available. Sadly, many children will be both really poorly in hospital AND away from where they live making Christmas particularly challenging for them and their families.

We are soooooo thrilled that many of our customers joined us in donating a book to the hospital – you are all fantastic and should feel really proud for the extra smiles you have undoubtedly given! Thank You!

Literacy support

We are currently assessing a series of different charities and programmes that identify children with reading issues and provide support mechanisms to improve literacy.


With one person in six (UK) living with poor literacy and some disadvantaged communities having up to 40% of people with literacy problems, we feel that the scale of the issue doesn’t get the political and media attention it merits.

With the links to reading and children’s overall development now widely recognised the importance of supporting improved reading for young children cannot be underestimated.


Thankfully there are a good many charities dedicated to helping improve literacy, however we understand only too well that a problem of this magnitude requires further intervention from the Government. That said we want to work with the leading literacy charities to help be a part of the solution.

We think an easy win can include providing children with books that excite them. Additionally and most importantly, for young children, reading is most fun when it’s interactive. When parents sit down and bring books to life by including questions and expression, story times can be transformed from a solitary experience into magical experiences.

This is why every one of our books comes with a free ‘bedtime reading guide’. The guide explains the different interactive features we’ve built into our books as well as some great hints and tips to make bedtime stories as magical as they can be.



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